The World Masters Games started with the 1985 games held in Toronto and is held every four years by the International Masters Games Association (IMGA) for athletes over the age of 30 and into their middle age and senior years, at locations around the world. It is the world’s largest lifelong sports competition with over 170,000 sports enthusiasts participating so far.

The 10th World Masters Games will be held in May 2021 in Kansai, Japan.

The WMG opening ceremony will be on the 14th May 2021 in the surrounding area of Okazaki district (Kyoto City). The events will be held over the following 17 days and concludes with the closing ceremony on the 30th May 2021 in Osaka-Jo Hall.

The Triathlon Standard and Sprint distance will be held over the 22 & 23 May 2021 and is taking place at the Hiwasa Umigame Triathlon Course.

The Triathlon Standard distance is 1.5K Swim – 40K Cycle – 10K Run.

The Sprint distance is 0.75K Swim – 20K Cycle – 5K Swim

The Aquathlon will be held on the 22 May 2021 and is being held at Hiwasa Umigme Triathlon Course.

The Aquathlon distance is 0.75K Swim – 5K Run

The Duathlon will be held on the 30 May 2021 and is being held at Kyoto Prefecture Nantan City Oigawa Park Green Park and its vicinity.

The Duathlon distance is 10Km Run – 40Km Bike.