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All Army Triathlon Kit and Apprael are available to all those that are part of the Army Triathlon Association. For all discount codes please email Maj (Retd) Stuart Irving or Mrs Sydonie Collier-Barnett.

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Team HUUB has four decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports. Focusing wholly on the athlete and maximising performance and comfort, the HUUB team explores both the odd and the conventional to create the best.

Huub have agreed to continue their offer of a 40% discount across their range to all ATA members. This means that any Triathlon Suit from across the Huub range with an ATA logo will be recognised as an ATA Triathlon Suit (this allows all ATA members, despite of financial constraints to have a recognised ATA race suit). All Triathlon Suits ordered using the ATA discount code must have the ATA Logo branded on it; Corps and Unit teams are free to add their own cap badges in addition.

The Magic5

The Magic5 goggles are the first custom fitted googles to exist in the world — made specifically for your facial structure.

The ATA has been offered a 35% discount code on all their custom fitted googles. This company has custom fitted googles for the likes of; Jeanette Ottesen a 4x Olympian (and Bronze medallist), Ben Kanute a 1 x Olympian, 3x U.S. National Champion and 2nd in 70.3 Ironman World championship 2017, Maja Stage with 6x Ironman Podiums, 3x Ironman Hawii qualified and Laura Siddall a 4x Ironman Champion and an ETU Longcourse Champion 2018. Who have all given great reviews on their product and would recommend them to any athlete.

Click here for The Magic5 full range of custom fitted googles.

Penwisg ATA Apparel

A variety of clothing with the ATA Logo on it will be available to all athletes. Dates of the online shop opening will be announced soon.

Click here to view the full price list and sizes available.

OTE Performance Nutrition

OTE have a range of naturally flavoured energy products and recovery drinks that have been developed by experienced sports nutritionists and athletes to bring you the best tasting and functionally effective products out there.

OTE have given all ATA members a 25% discount on its products. The discount is across the whole site on top of any individual product discounts shown. This offer is exclusively for ATA members.

Click here to visit the website for the full range of products from OTE

Powerbreather Snorkel

The twin tube Powerbreather Snorkel makes swimming easy, it strengths your lungs, and helps with fitness training in pools and open water. One way valves ensure you breathe 100% fresh air all the time for non-stop swimming, without ever turning your head, letting water in, or blasting water out of the tubes! Used by professional swimmers and triathletes Powerbreather snorkels are available to ATA members, from £79 (depending on the model) with a 15% discount on price.

Click here for the full range options from powerbreather Snorkle