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The Inter Unit (Maj & Min) & Individual Sprint Triathlon was held at Cromhall Quarry, a new location for the ATA Calendar of events. We had nearly 150 people take to the new course, which was the most attended event that we have seen over the past few years. The feedback from the event was positive, particular the water quality of the quarry, and very different experience swimming over sunken Helicopters and vehicles! Equally the bike route and run had their own challenges and very different from Mallory Park, which is on a closed circuit.

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up:

Major Unit Winners 

4 SCOTS – SSgt Matthew Hanson, Capt James Thomas, Capt Keith Wigley, Maj William Garrick

Major Unit Runners Up

8 Trg Bn REME – SSgt Christopher Branford, SSgt Richard McCready, Capt Paddy Paton, Cfn Jack Hennessy

Minor Unit Winners

RMAS – CSgt James Parkes, CSgt Christopher Taggart, Capt Justin Ede

Minor Unit Runners Up

DST – SSgt Rebecca Brown, SSgt Kirk Thomson, Cpl Will Ford

        Male Overall Winners                                                               Female Overall Winners

Winner – Lt Col Christ Stuart 01:04:14                                          Winner – Capt Rosie Wild 01:08:29

Runner Up – Sgt Tim Watson 01:04:40                                        Runner Up – Cpl Kath Baker 01:15:46

3rd Place – Capt James Gibson 01:05:15                                       3rd Place – Capt Eve Newton 01:16:38

     Age Group Winners                                                                        Age Group Winners

18-19yrs – Kng John Pilkington                                                        18-19yrs – Pte Leonie Housham

20-24yrs – OCdt Edward Blackburn                                               20-24yrs – OCdt Libby Richard

25-29yrs – Capt Owen Graham                                                        25-29yrs – Sgt Sally Barrett

30-34yrs – Capt James Gibson                                                         30-34yrs – Capt Rosie Wild

35-39yrs – SSgt Matthew Hanson

40-44yrs – SSgt Jeanne Du Preez                                                   40-44yrs – Maj Julie-Ann Peart

45-49yrs – Lt Col Chris Stuart                                                         45-49yrs – Lt Col Sarah Bennetts

50-54yrs – Maj Russ Penhallow                                                       50-54yrs – Capt Sue Chittock

55yrs & Over – Lt Gen Ivan Jones

Full Results can be found here

Thank you to all those that came and took part in the event and we hope to see you all at our next event at the ATA Standard Distance Triathlon on 28 Jun 22 at Lake 32, Gloucestershire.

Photos of the event can be found here

If you took part in this event and would like to give some feedback please contact the ATA Secretary, Stu Irving – or ATA Admin Officer, Sydonie Collier-Barnett –