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ABF Charity Event

On Saturday 30th May some of the ATA members took to their static bikes and cycled for 12 hours non stop to raise money for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity who provide vital support to soldiers, veterans and their families in times of need. The aim of the challenge wasn’t just to raise money, but to raise awareness and support to those serving and ex-serving personnel and their families who might be suffering in what is turning out to be a very difficult 2020.


The overall scale, breadth and range of what the Army Benevolent Fund support is vast. They help very young serving families cope with a sudden bereavement or traumatic loss. They provide wide-ranging support to wounded soldiers, many of whom will need increasing financial assistance for decades to come. They provide help with housing, education and training for employment for soldiers and veterans of all ages. They are there for older veterans and their widows or widowers when they find themselves lonely or isolated.


They road through London, New York, Te Anu and Naunonga (islands in the Pacific Ocean) and Innsbruck  and have raised over £2000!

Well done to all those that took part, a great achievement by all!!

There is still time to donate, please click on the link below: