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Wed 1 Jul 20; the Board considered 88 applications from 20 Sports Associations & Unions (there were 67 applications from 20 Sports Associations & Unions in 2019) and, as with last year, the candidates included a number of athletes who were automatically considered for this Scholarship having been unsuccessful in their applications for the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).

The Army Sport Scholarship Scheme, which now includes both BAE Scholars and ASCB Sport Scholars, enables DASCB to target funding at our brightest and best young sportsmen and women from all disciplines who aspire to join the Army Elite Sport Programme. We are using the Army Sport Scholarship Scheme to assist the funding for those younger athletes whom we have identified as future TASS talent at Tier 2 of the Elite Programme and, as evidence of success you will be pleased to know that 5 of last year’s Army Sport Scholars were selected for this year’s TASS programme.

Congratulations to our ATA Athletes that have been selected

** Army Sport Scholars Briefing/ Induction Day – 29 Sep 20.
There is a mandatory Briefing/ Induction Day for all Army Elite Athletes. This year it will be held in Fox Lines, Aldershot at the Army School of Physical Training on Tue 29 Sep 20. Further details will be distributed in due course but for planning purposes the day will commence at 0930hrs and will be complete by 1600hrs. If COVID-19 restrictions remain in place then the athlete Briefing/Induction day will be conducted remotely with all successful athletes in order to comply with COVID restrictions, more details to follow.